10 Amazing German Shepherd Puppies – The “Game of Thrones” Litter

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10 adorable German Shepherd puppies were born to Mailbu (Dirigo Malibu Beach Vacation) sired by 2X VA1 Sieger Champion Schumann von Tronje on February 21, 2016. They became our “Game of Thrones” litter and have proved to be the best litter we have ever bred.  Five males and five females, an even split, doesn’t get much better than that. These German Shepherd puppies are the proof of my theory of what the German Shepherd, as a service dog, should be combining the best of American AKC and West German SV Showlines for a sound and rugged body, an outstanding temperament with a cool head in all situations, and amazing intelligence and trainability.  We invite you to visit with each of these German Shepherd puppies as they have their own individual page so click on their name below and have a visit with these amazing dogs.

VA1 Schumann von Tronje, Sieger Champion, German Shepherd Dog, German Shepherd puppy


The Boys

Baratheon von Haven aka Barry – Purple Pup

Stannis von Haven aka Oakley – Tan Pup

Stark von Haven – Blue Pup

Theon von Haven aka Mo – Lime Green Pup

Joffrey von Haven – Red Pup

VA1 Schumann von Tronje, German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Maine

The Girls

Arya von Haven – Black Pup

Brienne of Tarth von Haven aka Brie – Green Pup

Denarius von Haven aka Ziggy – Yellow Pup

Cersei von Haven aka Baretta – White Pup

Melisandre von Haven aka Meli – Pink Pup

A Gorgeous Litter of Puppies! Click here to reserve your Haven Kennels German Shepherd Puppy!