Arya von Haven

Arya, German Shepherd puppy for sale, German Shepherds for sale in Maine, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New HampshireArya was the first pup born at 3:15 on Saturday afternoon.  She was a feisty pup right from the beginning, full of life and willing to take on all challengers in the litter and yet she was one of the smaller pups.  She took to Doug right from the beginning and wanted to spend all the time she could with him.  She had beautiful markings and a very nice proportion to her body.  I felt she was showable in confirmation, would be an excellent obedience dog, and liked to use her nose a lot so she definitely had potential as tracking dog. But her greatest potential was to be an excellent companion/family dog as she just loved people and particularly kids.


In May, Arya flew to Minot, North Dakota to become a the 5th member of a family who had 2 girls, 10 and 12 years old.  It was the perfect home for Arya!  And those two little girls had the best summer of their life, full of special memories that will last a lifetime.

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Arya at 7 months old! What a pretty girl!

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