Baratheon von Haven aka Barry


German Shepherd puppies for sale in Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New England, Rhode IslandI love all my German Shepherd puppies.  They look like a pack of teddy bears – roly-poly, cuddly, and funny little living stuffed toys.  But it is hard not to have favorites and Barry is my favorite from this litter.  He was a big pup and a cuddly pup.  Barry just couldn’t get enough cuddling and to this day adores his humans.  I recognized in him at the age of 4 weeks, the perfect service dog.  It was so obvious from that early time that he was the ideal German Shepherd service dog having so many necessary traits – he was perfect for the work.  He was an incredibly smart puppy and quick to learn, but also a problem solver figuring things out all on his own without instruction.  We initially chose to keep Barry as a service dog prospect but by 6 months old we realized we had something very special in this dog and decided to keep him as a stud dog.

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Barry’s Pedigree