Brienne of Tarth von Haven

Brienne of Tarth von Haven aka Brie is the result of breeding our Malibu with Multi Sieger Champion VA1 Schumann von Tronje. The result of that breeding was an amazing litter of 10 German Shepherd puppies.  Every puppy from that litter had outstanding temperament, sturdy confirmation, elegant movement, and high trainability.   We have chosen to retain Brie for breeding purposes after she reaches 2 years old (in February 2018) and passes her health clearances.

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At 4 weeks old she was a roly-poly Teddy Bear, an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

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Brie loves her training sessions and adores Doug.  She picked him as her owner and handler when she was 4 weeks old.  Their bond is incredible and they work so well together.

German Shepehrd puppy, puppies, for sale in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, MassachusettsShe loves her “down time” with her Kong fresh out of the freezer and stuffed with kibble and peanut butter.  In this picture in February 2017, she is 1 year old.

As a puppy she has been a joy to work with.  Brie was very quick to housebreak and loves her training sessions. Very quick to learn and showing a willingness to please, we couldn’t be happier with her progress in her training. Brie is fearless when presented with new situations exhibiting a lot of confidence and curiosity. She has been one of the best German Shepherd puppies we have ever produced and we are finding that the introduction of West German Showline genetics into outstanding AKC bloodlines was a very good choice.  These German Shepherd puppies from this Malibu/Schumann von Tronje litter have been so outstanding that we intend to repeat the breeding again this winter.



Brie’s Pedigree