The Haven Kennels are located in Sherman Mills, Maine in the shadows of majestic Mount Katahdin. Above is the view from our front porch of Katahdin and Baxter State Park.  Our home and kennel is set in the middle of 60 acres of fields and woods allowing us to raise our German Shepherd dogs in an exhilarating and healthy outdoor environment.  Our dogs are fitted with GPS tracking devices on their collars so we can keep track of where they are on the property affording them the opportunity to have plenty of exercise and confidence building adventures while being supervised by us.

If you would like to visit the kennel we ask that you make an appointment.  We are primarily a training kennel and cannot have our schedule interrupted by unscheduled visits.  Please call and make an appointment.  We also ask that you not visit any other kennels on the same day as you are visiting us.  This is to prevent your inadvertently bringing parasites or disease from another dog facility to our dogs.  We work very hard to control the health and well being of our dogs.  and would appreciate your cooperation.

Address – 461 Gallison Road; Sherman Mills, ME 04776

Email –

Phone 207-267-1552 (please note that if you are not in my contact list I will not answer my phone (I am so tired of wasted time answering robot calls and scam calls) so it is important that you leave a voicemail with the reason you are calling so I can get back to you)