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  1. I couldn’t find any on your page do you have any dogs or puppies, male, for sale at this time? Thanks for your time

    • We will have two litters of puppies in the spring of 2017. One litter will be ready for its forever homes in April and the other litter will be available in May. Now these are tentative litters as one can never predict what Mother Nature will do but if all things go well that is what we are planning. We have no adult dogs or older pups for sale at this time. If you would like to be put on our waiting list just let me know by email, and I will notify you when the pups are born. I do not require deposits until the pups are born.

  2. My husband and I definitively want to buy one of your puppy. We had German shepherds for all of of our lives, the first one we bought in France when we got married and came to the US. We are older now and have time on our hands and we are ready to get another faithful and loving companion!.
    Before we go any farther we would like to know how much you are selling your puppies for? And also as we live in NH we would like to pay you a visit if it is ok.
    Thank you,
    Claudette Lawrence

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