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Our German Shepherd Puppies from the North Woods of Maine

Here at The haven Kennels we are very proud of our Maine bred German Shepherd Puppies.  We feel we produce an outstanding quality German Shepherd with the solid temperament and sound body to provide their owners with years of devoted companionship. If you have never owned a German Shepherd, I would advise you to stop right here and visit our “Should You Own A German Shepherd” page by clicking on this text”. German Shepherds are not a breed for everyone so be sure you are ready to live with an energetic herding/working dog.  They are smart and trainable but they are not a Golden Retriever or a Beagle! German Shepherds are large, powerful, athletic dogs with lots of energy.  Please be sure that you have done the proper research to determine that they are a fit for your family.

The Price of Our German Shepherd Puppies

The first question prospective puppy owners ask is the price of our puppies so lets get that issue out of the way right away. If you are looking for a bargain German Shepherd, we are not the breeder for you. Our price range is $2500 to $3500 dependent on the parentage, and quality of the puppy. Yes, that is a lot of money and yes, there are German Shepherd puppies out there for under a $1000.  That choice is yours. I will say when purchasing any purebred dog that you get what you pay for.  A German Shepherd pup for $800 from someone who does not do health clearances may seem like a bargain in the moment but when the pup matures and the vet bills start to add up for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, DM, and other potential problems you may end up paying even more than our price. We analyze German Shepherd bloodlines for health issues and temperament problems. If our pups develop any issues in the first 2 years, we allow you to return them to us and we replace the pup for you.  I doubt you will get the same written promise from the breeder of the $800 pup.  The costs of producing the quality of pups that we do is expensive. We feed high quality dog food to our dogs.  We spend hours everyday cleaning up after our dogs, grooming them, training, competing in trials and shipping them to top stud dogs to be bred.  Hours of love and devotion to the German Shepherd breed goes into every puppy we produce. Our waiting lists are long and we have very few pups available to the general public each year.  To be quite honest, you may have to wait a year or two before getting a Haven Kennels pup.  But if you want a pup that is going to provide you with a lifetime of devotion and enjoyment, our pup will be worth the wait. To visit a Haven Kennels owner’s visual documentation of one of our pups’ lives, Stark von Haven, click here.

Two german shepherd puppies having fun

We are not a large commercial kennel. Our puppies are raised in our home, an extremely important factor for German Shepherds as they are dog that thrives with constant human contact. The focus of our breeding program is producing service dogs for disabled people.  Our pups have gone on to be mobility and PTSD Service dogs. It is extremely important that puppies destined for that work have lots of socialization with people and new situations.  Dogs raised in a kennel setting might be well suited for Schutzhund training, police and military work, confirmation show ring or even obedience trial dogs but service dogs need to form strong bonds with humans so that they can work as a team. From the time our pups are born, we are constantly with them handling them and bonding with them.  Our pups are partially housebroken by the age of 5 weeks and are coming when called (of course they all think their name is “puppy” but that makes it easier for the new owner to just add there name to the word “puppy”).  But not all pups, even those born in the same litter, will have the suitable temperament for service dog work.  Those pups, who are not destined for service work, we place in family settings as they do have the temperament and conditioning to be loving, devoted companions. We breed a combination of AKC Showlines and West German Showlines. If you do not understand what the different types of German Shepherds are, click on this text and you will go to a page that explains the different types of German Shepherd Dogs. Our German Shepherd puppies have outstanding pedigrees, are highly trainable, have sound bodies: and loving yet protective natures.

If you are interested in applying to have a Haven Kennels German Shepherd puppy become a member of your family, click here to start the application process.


Current Available German Shepherd Puppies-

Currently we do not have any puppies available but have plans for 2 litters this year. Please look below for information on both litters.

Upcoming German Shepherd Puppy Litters-

We are planning one litter for 2017.  Information is below.  We have a tentative litter planned for early 2018 dependent on Brienne of Tarth von Haven passing all health clearances. That litter will be whelped in Spring 2018 Brienne is Malibu and Schumann’s daughter Brienne. We have not chosen a stud for that litter at this point. If you are interested a puppy from any of these litters email me for more information –

Multi Sieger Champion Schumann von Tronje x Dirigo Malibu Beach Vacation

VA1 Schumann von Tronje, German Shepherd puppies for sale in Maine

This litter is a repeat breeding.  Our spring 2016 “Game of Thrones” litter was such a tremendous success that we are repeating the outcross breeding of AKC Champion lines with West German Sieger Champion Showlines.  Both parent dogs have wonderful outgoing personalities,  and the pups from the “Game of Thrones” litter have gone to their new homes with rave reviews from their owners.  You can see pups from this litter by clicking here.

VA1 Schumann von Tronje, German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Maine

Important Pedigree Links for this breeding –

VA1 Schumann von Tronje

Dirigo Malibu Beach Vacation

Zamp von Thermodos

AKC Champion Kysarah’s Rolling Stone

AKC 3X SEL EX CH (US) Bill-Mar’s Here Comes Trouble ROM

5X SEL CH (US) Kismet’s Heart Throb

Three German Shepherd Puppies playing