Joffrey von Haven


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Joffrey was the Red pup.  He was the sixth pup born at 9;26 PM. At birth was one of the midsize pups weighing in at 19.1 ounces.  Joffrey was a very typical German Shepherd puppy with a confident, playful attitude and very smart. He was one of those puppies that loved human interaction.  That’s very typical of a German Shepherd pup and it is why we try to make sure through our careful owner vetting process that our pups go to forever homes where they will stay loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

The picture above is Joffrey at 14 weeks old in his forever home.  Owner Maggie commented when she sent this picture- “He is such a good boy! We still have to work on his manners with the cats but he’s getting there.  He is so full of personality and sweetness!”

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And this is him, above, at 5 months with the following comments – “Joffrey’s doing great, we’re having so much fun, everyone loves him.  One ear still flops around sometimes and sometimes their both up!”

Many of our German Shepherd pups leave Maine to go live in other states but fortunately Joffrey stayed right here in southern Maine.  We will be able to visit him and see how he progresses.  He is so very loved in his new home.  In fact, his owners recently contacted me about getting another German Shepherd puppy from an upcoming litter.

These final pictures are the little guy all grown up at 1 year old.  He is a gorgeous German Shepherd dog now and his owners are so pleased with him. Here’s the message that came with the last photos – “Joffrey is doing awesome.  He is the best! He is hilarious, and goofy, and incredibly smart.  He figured out how to open all the doors in the house so we had to change the kind of door knob because he got outside by himself. We may be interested in another pup from your next litter. When will your next litter be available?” It always makes me feel so good to know that the owners are so happy with their pups.  As a German Shepherd breeder we try to produce the best quality we can that is the perfect companion for American family life.

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