We love hearing from our puppy families! Getting good reports on our “kids” makes all the work we put into our German Shepherds worthwhile. Each litter of pups is an individual family that becomes so much a part of our life that there is a sense of loss and apprehension as they leave the nest.  But all that apprehension goes away when the pup’s new family takes the time to keep us posted on its progress.  The new owners join our circle of friends and many come back to us when they are ready for another German Shepherd.

In February of 2016, we produced the most amazing litter of pups.  Without a doubt the best litter we have had so far with a very consistent quality throughout the entire litter. I would like to share some our pictures and comments from the pup’s new families.


Meet Stannis von Haven aka Oakley

Oakley’s new Mom, Carol, keeps in touch sending me great pictures and reports.  He went to a home of experienced German Shepherd owners who had owned a few over the years.  They have a 7 year old neutered male German Shepherd named Cooper and they wanted a playmate for Cooper to help keep him young.  They wisely felt Cooper could mentor Oakley and make the training process easier.  During our initial phone conversation, Carol and I discovered that Cooper was a cousin of Oakley’s mother, Malibu. Both come from the Windy Acres Kennel bloodline bred by the late Laura Pruett of Augusta, Maine. Coopers sire, CH. Windy Acres-Dirigo Lookin’ for Trouble, is Malibu’s grandfather.  It’s a small world!

German Shepherd puppies, German Shepherd puppies in Maine, German Shepherd puppy, Schumann von Tronje

German Shepherd Puppy, The Haven Kennels, German Shepherd puppies in Maine

From day 1, Oakley was a good boy at his new home. The first report was about his ride home and his introduction to Cooper. “A great ride home. He laid beside Cody the whole way home and never made a peep. He and Cooper are getting along great. Cooper is showing him the ropes.”

3 weeks later…..”He’s a complete joy. And is loved very much by all of us….especially Cooper. He is enjoying his new world! He loves riding around in the UTV with Cody and Cooper.  He also had his first swim at the Lakehouse and he swims like a champ. Like he’s been doing it all his life…very impressive.”

Oakley at 10 months old-

German Shepherd puppy, Schumann von Tronje puppy, son

Oakley at 10 months old