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Great German Shepherd Pups come from outstanding parent dogs! That’s why we guarantee our German Shepherd pups for physical soundness, health, and sound temperament.

Upcoming German Shepherd Litters

We will be breeding to have a litter due January/February 2019.  The pups will be sired by V Ucar von Bad-Boll, a 2X VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll son.  We will be breeding our Brienne of Tarth von Haven with him.  Brienne is a VA1 Schumann von Tronje daughter. As we produce very few puppies, the reservation list for this litter is filling up.

The Haven Kennels are breeders of outstanding German Shepherds and we have German Shepherd puppies for sale in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

VA Ucar von Bad-Boll

We are breeders of German Shepherd Dogs, without a doubt the most versatile breed of dog there is. Our German Shepherd puppies and trained adult  German Shepherd dogs are bred to have strong and healthy confirmation, stable and courageous temperaments, and amazing intelligence and trainability. The focus of our German Shepherd breeding program is to produce dogs to be used in our service dog training program.  We train both mobility service dogs, wheelchair assistance dogs, and PTSD support dogs. But not all pups have what it takes to be a service dog.  It is amazing how puppies in the same litter will have very different coloring, size, and personalities.  Even though they all have similar German Shepherd traits, each German Shepherd puppy is an individual, with its own special abilities. The puppies that are not suited for service dog work are available to the general public to purchase. These pups have gone on to be incredible family dogs, working dogs in search and rescue, tracking, Schutzhund and protection sports, obedience trial dogs, and even AKC confirmation competitors.

Our German Shepherd Dogs are raised on our 60 acre home in northern Maine. Our dogs live in our home with us and our German Shepherd puppies are raised in the home so they can experience all the sights and sounds of a busy family life. When our German Shepherd puppies go to their new homes they are well socialized, and have begun housebreaking and basic obedience training.  We take pride in producing healthy pups with stable temperaments and high trainability.  We make every effort to socialize the pups and begin their training while they are still with us to make their transition to their new homes as seamless as possible.
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You are on this website because you are interested in German Shepherd Dogs and are possibly interested in purchasing one of our puppies or trained dogs. If you have never owned a German Shepherd before, we ask that you take the time to read all the information on this site.  I think that German Shepherds are the best breed there is, but they are not for everyone.  Read all the information here and then make your decision.  Ownership of a working/herding breed like the German Shepherd requires a commitment to socialization and training. After thoroughly educating yourself regarding the breed, make an honest decision and informed decision as to whether this would be the right dog to bring into your life.

You will find information on our upcoming litters on our “German Shepherd Puppies” page. You can find out more about purchasing one of our pups on “How to Purchase a Haven Kennels German Shepherd Puppy”. But please do your homework and do not take bringing a German Shepherd into your family lightly.  German Shepherds are a serious dog that when given the love and care they deserve will give you a lifetime of devotion and loyalty. They deserve the best of homes and we, as breeders, do everything possible to insure that our pups go to the best homes.

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